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Selection Process

The selection process commences with the assessment of the submitted applications. The applications will be reviewed for two to three weeks, which will also depend on the number of applications received. Usually about 30 (thirty) applicants will be taken to proceed to the next stage.

The process continues to the Challenge Day which will take place one week after the selected candidates have been announced by the committee. The Challenge Day will thoroughly assess applicants’ skills through various activities for half-day. Any applicant who fails to attend will be disqualified without further notification. About half of the applicants will be selected for the next round.

After two weeks, the interview session is conducted as the final stage for the selection process. The candidates will be interviewed by more than 2 (two) interviewers for not more than 30 (thirty) minutes.

Successful candidates will be notified directly by the committee one month later after the interview. Please bear in mind that the number of selected students will vary every year.

2018 Selection Process Timeline

Second week of August 2018                                                       : Application forms made available online

Monday, 8th October 2018                                                          : Deadline for the submission of applications at UmaAmerika (UNTL)

Monday, 5th November 2018                                                      : Shortlisted Candidates are announced for the UWC Challenge Day

10th (Saturday) or 11th (Sunday) November 2018 (TBC)    : UWC Challenge Day

Wednesday, 14th November 2018                                              : Applicants for the interview are announced

1st (Saturday) or 2nd (Sunday) December 2018                     : Interview Sessions for the Shortlisted Candidates

Third or fourth week of December 2018                                    : Successful candidates announced for the scholarship awards