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Life after UWC

"UWC is an amazing establishment that gathers talented students for the purpose of creating a multicultural community that I believe will change the world for the better" - Hugo Guterres, UWCSEA, 2008



"I have got to meet other people from all over the world with different background and culture, learning to be independent, and sharing the experience which is a good chance to introduce East Timor to other friends, teachers and staff" - Natalino Guterres, UWCRCN, 2009



"UWCSEA introduces me to the level of education which is different and offered an opportunity to meet students with different nationality" - Ana Belo, UWCSEA, 2009




"UWC is the place where I found my true self and grew up through both hardships and happiness - it is the place that formed my present self today" - Maria Auxiliadora Soares, LPCUWC, 2009



"By sharing life, culture, tradition and education made me think that people are similar, no matter where you are from" - Pascoela Sequeira, Pearson College United World College, 2009




"UWC made me the person I am today. It transformed me to be thinking more globally, without forgetting my own principles" - Noelia Pereira, UWCRCN, 2010



"UWC has brought me into contact with remarkable people, which allows me to experience a new life in a new and unique community" - Francisco Neto, LPCUWC, 2010




"I was blessed to be part of United World College of South East Asia because I feel that I do belong to this world" - Maria da Silva, UWCSEA, 2011



"Li Po Chun is a home where I can meet my family from 86 countries" - Berta Pereira, LPCUWC, 2011




"It's the best occasion for me to build a strong commitment" - Sonia Guterres, Pearson College United World College, 2011



"UWCSEA is the place where I learn everything, as a person, and what I have not learned before" - Marfiano Manuel, UWCSEA, 2012



"LPCUWC is a fighting ground, where I have to fight for survival" - Pedro Cadalak, LPCUWC, 2012




"No success without sacrafices" - Miguel Silva, UWCSEA, 2013



"UWC is the place where things I found impossible to happen, eventually happened. It is the place where I have found myself standing and sharing my culture with other people from around the world" - Geovânia Ornai, UWCSEA, 2015