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History of UWC-NCTL

Prior to the establishment of the UWC-NCTL, cooperation with the UWC movement was through the Blair Forster Memorial Trust (BFMT). The trust was set up to honor Blair Forster who was the former principal of the UWC Li Po Chun of Hong Kong. Blair had a deep interest in Timor-Leste and had a thought of visiting Timor-Leste. Unfortunately he was unable to make the visit due to a long battle against cancer and he passed away in 2003.  

Thus, to honor his effort and great fond of Timor-Leste, his friends and colleagues raised funds to improve education in Timor-Leste. Its main duty was to organize scholarships for Timorese to attend UWCs, which was first in Hong Kong then to other countries.  The trust cooperated with the Alola Foundation in Dili and ICFP in Baucau and for over ten years acted as the National Committee (NC) for Timor-Leste. However, by 2012 some of the early graduates had returned home and it was time to transfer these responsibilities in the hands of the Timorese.